Case Studies In Holistic Marketing Mix Modeling

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New Sequent Partners White Paper March 28, 2017 Marketing Mix Modeling is evolving as a discipline. Sequent Partners recently looked into a number of revealing case studies on behalf of our client MMA, the venerable modeling/analytics company. This work showcases the huge payoff associated with applying precise, reliable modeling analytics … Continued

Marketing Measurement Evolves:

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Jim Spaeth and Alice K. Sylvester from Sequent Partners were published as part of the RAB Radio Impact Reports Series.  Their paper, “Marketing Measurement Evolves: Why You Should Care about Multi-Touch Attribution is a preview of the industry’s Attribution Accelerator Forum in … Continued

Current State of Marketing Mix Models

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Current State of Marketing Mix Models A Report for the Council for Research Excellence Sequent Partners, June 2013 Objectives Our objective is to provide the Council for Research Excellence an in-depth understanding of the principle methods currently used to estimate advertising ROI and … Continued

Advertising in Context

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The Anthropology of Contextual Media Planning Tom Laranjo Admap – May 2015 The arrival of advertising technology, powered by intelligent, algorithm-driven machines, means we’re all obsessed by ‘maths’. As Sir Martin Sorrell puts it, ‘Maths Men’ and ‘Mad Men’ have come … Continued

ROI Driven Programmatic

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IN BRIEF Advertising ROIs, as measured in marketing mix models, are marginal on average.  Anecdotal evidence suggests that this may be getting worse.  There is an opportunity to use emerging ROI related analytics and metrics to guide better media/advertising decisions, … Continued